President Barack Obama endorses Natasha Marcus for NC House District 41

President Obama releases endorsements

"Over the next several weeks, we have a chance to elect lots of  talented, diverse, patriotic candidates who represent what’s best in the  American spirit. So if you don’t like  what’s going on right now, don’t boo. Vote. When you vote, you have the  power to make sure a family keeps its health insurance. When you vote,  you have the power to make sure we strengthen laws that protect women in  the workplace from harassment and discrimination, and make sure they’re  paid equally. When you vote, you have the power to make sure our voting  rights are protected, and our criminal justice system treats everybody  equally under the law. When you vote, you have the power to make it  easier for a student to afford college, and harder for a disturbed  person to shoot up a classroom.

 Democratic candidates up and down the ticket, all across the country,  make up a movement of citizens who are younger, more diverse, more  female than ever before. They’re Americans who aren’t just running  against something, but for something. They’re running to expand  opportunity for all of us and to restore the dignity, honor, and  compassion that should be the essence of public service. I’m proud to  endorse even more of them today and I hope you’ll give them a chance  with your vote."

-President Barack Obama

Natasha's response

I am humbled by the recognition of Barack Obama who held himself and our country to the highest standards. The work I did for his campaigns introduced me to so many wonderful people who shared our desire to bring about positive change for the citizens of our state.

I will carry those values to the North Carolina General Assembly. To quote our former president, “Yes we can."